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Family name Susdorf

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Susdorf is a German family name. At least my paternal ancestors are all Germans as far as I can see.
The word "Dorf" means "Village" in German. There are a lot of cities and towns in Germany which end with "dorf", the biggest one being Düsseldorf. "Sus" is not a common word in modern German.
Similar names which are spelled slightly differenly are Sussdorf or Sußdorf.

Susdorfs today

This family name is not common but if you search for it online, you'll find a lot of people sharing this last name. Many of them are living in Germany and USA.
A person who gained some considerable fame is an US-american baseball player Steve Susdorf.
There are several small businesses in Germany and USA owned by Susdorfs - see the links on the right side.

Susdorfs were Volga German colonists in Russia

Katharinenstadt (also known as Baronsk, Yekaterinenstadt, Marxstadt, Marx) is a city in today's Russia, found in the late XVIII century as a colony by German settlers, known as Volga Germans. Susdorfs were among the city founders. The whole population of the Volga Germans colony was violenly deportated by Stalin in 1941, sent to a forced internal exile. Decades later many survivors of this deportation and their family members moved to Germany, taking advantage of the German right of return.

A branch of today's Susdorf families (including mine) originate from this city in Russia. Some of other branches are from various parts of Germany/Prussia and from Poland.

There are historical census reports from Katharinenstadt publicly available which state that Susdorf family was living in Katharinenstadt since it's founding:
According to the ancestry.com website, Susdorfs probably immigrated to the USA in the second half of XIX century.

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